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Hotel Features To Look For On Amusement Park Vacations

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A theme park vacation offers a lot of great rides, food options, and ways to explore tourist attractions. While a majority of your time may be spent in an amusement park, you still want to find a hotel that can fit your needs beyond just a bed and a bathroom. When you book a hotel stay, you will want to look for specific features that can cater to your theme park wishes.

Consider some of the hotel features and learn how each one can help you during your theme park experience.

Spas & Hot Tubs 

Theme parks often include a lot of walking. At the end of a long day, you could feel exhausted with pains in your feet, back, and neck. Do not go through the rest of your vacation with those same pains. Look for resort reservations with a hotel that includes spas or hot tub use. With a spa, you could book a massage for after your day at a theme park.

A massage can include focusing on your back and feet. A masseuse can calm your muscles and offer relaxation. A hotel with hot tub access can also provide ways to relax your body. Turn on massage jets and let all of your muscles relax in the hot water. Morning use of a hot tub provides an ideal way to relax your body before a long day of walking as well.

Room Service Options

After making your way around a theme park all day long, you likely won't want to walk down hotel halls and to other locations for dinner or a late-night snack. Rest up and enjoy your hotel room when you book a hotel with room service options. Through room service, you could have meals delivered right to your door and save the extra walking for the parks.

Room service is an ideal way to order breakfast in the morning as well. Fill up on a meal before you venture out into a theme park.

Shuttle Service Options

Hotels located near theme parks will often feature complimentary shuttle service for guests. With the shuttle service, you do not need to worry about navigation or paying extra for parking at the theme park. You get dropped off near the entrance gate and can enjoy quick access to the park.

When you book a ticket, look for the shuttle hours and run times to ensure they fit into your amusement park schedule.

Keep all of these options in mind when you book a hotel stay.