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Should I Still Have an Outdoor Wedding During the Summer?

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You may dream of having an outdoor wedding, but you also discover that summer is the ideal time to have your wedding. After all, for many of your guests, things might be slowing down somewhat in the summer as long as they don't have vacations planned. However, overcoming the heat can be a challenge when choosing a venue.

The Weather

Depending on the weather, it's not always necessarily going to be hot during the summer. You may be lucky enough to have a mild day with a gentle breeze. However, you will always want to plan for all forms of bad weather, including rain, by having an indoor place your guests can go if necessary. 

Since you may need to switch to an indoor venue, it's a good idea to visit multiple indoor venues to find out which would be right for your wedding. Then, if there is an unexpected heatwave, your guests will have a better time since they'll be in an air-conditioned area out of the sun and away from bugs. 

The Time of Day

Decide exactly when you will have your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. If you have your ceremony early in the day, you may be able to enjoy the cooler early-morning weather. If your reception is later at night, the weather might cool off in time.

Speak to the Venue About Potential Dates

You might have to reschedule based on the weather. For wedding venues, this is relatively normal and many wedding venues are already used to rescheduling due to issues such as a global pandemic. 

The Guest List

Count the number of guests you will have as soon as possible. Knowing this will help you decide which venue will be the best for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. You can also consider having your cocktail hour in a building while you wait for things to cool off.

Set Up a Tent

If you are absolutely committed to an outdoor venue, you may want to at least set up a tent with air conditioning so that your guests, especially the older guests, can get out of the sun temporarily. You will also want a bridal suite so you can have a place to cool off yourself. This will help you enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

A large tent can be gorgeous when you fill it with tables, flower arrangements, and other decorations. However, make sure that the tent is weatherproof and you have adequate flooring under the tent to account for uneven ground.

If you have questions about how to make summer weddings a success, you can call a venue such as Inn at Mountain View Farm.