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3 Things to Consider When Booking a Long-Term Vacation Rental

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Perhaps you're planning an extended trip to visit with family, or maybe you want to retreat somewhere warm for the frigid winter months. When traveling for an extended period, a long-term vacation rental is an excellent option for your lodging.

If you book a rental for a lengthy period, you'll likely secure a better rate than if you hop around between short-term rentals. Staying in one space also makes it easier for you to feel more at home during your trip. Keep the following items in mind when perusing potential long-term vacation rentals.

1. Restrictions Regarding the Use of the Property

Since you'll be in the property for a longer-than-average period, you'll need to check that the property doesn't have any restrictions that will prevent it from feeling like home. If you plan to travel with pets, you want to make sure that the property is a good fit for your furry friends. Perhaps you and your spouse both want to drive to the rental; check that you have enough parking spots to house your vehicles during your stay.

2. Options if the Property Will Be Occasionally Vacant

When you're staying in one rental for a lengthy period, there might be periods where you don't plan to occupy the rental. Maybe you want to spend the holidays with family in another state, or maybe you want to spend a couple of weekends exploring neighboring attractions.

If you know the property will be vacant at times, check that sure you understand what you can and can't do during these periods. Some properties may allow you to sublet the rental to other people when you aren't using it. Or, you might have the option to let friends and family members use the rental during your absence. You may need to procure permission before allowing others to use the rental. See that you understand all the rules related to permitting others to use the space.

3. Items Included with the Property

Though long-term rentals usually have more furnishings than short-term rentals, each rental will vary widely concerning what items it has for guests to use. You need to check that the property has items you deem essential or make plans to bring your own things. For example, kitchen supplies vary widely across vacation rentals. Some kitchens contain the bare minimum equipment for cooking and dining, while others have more luxurious equipment, like a stand mixer and high-end cookware set. If you love to cook and want to prepare lots of meals in your rental, you'll likely prefer a rental with a well-stocked kitchen.

If the listing doesn't specify what items the property includes with the rental, don't shy away from inquiring with the owner or rental agency.