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Make These "Rules" With Your Colleagues When Traveling To A Conference At A Hotel

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If you're traveling to a different city for a conference and are staying overnight, there's a good chance that you'll find yourself spending a lot of time at a large hotel that has conference facilities. Booking such venues makes a lot of sense for businesses, as they can conduct their meetings during the day, and then have their employees stay on-site overnight. Sometimes, you'll find yourself traveling to a conference with a couple colleagues, which can be a fun experience. In order to make the most of the trip, it can be worthwhile to make some fun "rules" with your colleagues. Here are some suggestions.

No Discussing Work After Hours

One of the potential drawbacks of being with colleagues around the clock is that you might have a colleague who loves nothing better than to talk about work. Even if you enjoy your job, it might not be your entire life — and you may not want to talk about it, especially during the evening. You may wish to think about passing a fun rule with your co-workers that prohibits discussing work after hours. This means that when the meeting ends and you walk out of the hotel conference room, you stay out of "work mode" until the next morning when your first meeting begins.

Get Active To Feel Fresh

Long conferences can often be dry, so it's advantageous to be as fresh as possible for such events. One way that you can do so is by working out, and when you stay at a hotel, you've got multiple options to consider. Many conference hotels have a pool and an athletic center, which means that you can go swimming, run on a treadmill, or lift some weights during your downtime. It can be fun to establish a rule that requires you and your colleagues to perform some type of physical exercise each morning before your meetings begin.

Explore The Area When You Can

While it might be tempting to crash in your hotel room after a long day of meetings, it can also be advantageous to get out and explore the area a little. Make a "rule" with your colleagues that you'll go out at least once during your visit, and get busy researching the things that you might wish to do or see near the hotel. Alternatively, you can confer with someone at the front desk to get some ideas for attractions that may suit you and your colleagues.