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Swimming In A Hotel Pool For The First Time? Here Are Three Things To Know

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If you've recently taken up swimming after enjoying it as a child but rarely going to the pool as a young adult, you might be eager to take a dip when you travel to a hotel for business or for pleasure. Many hotels today have indoor or outdoor pools, giving guests an effective way to keep active during travel. If it's been years since you were in a pool, there are a few things to know about swimming in your hotel pool. General rules will be posted on the wall, and while many pools don't have a lifeguard on duty, you can always consult the hotel's front desk if you have any questions. Here are three things to know about swimming in your hotel pool:

Use The Right Towel

Given that you'll need a towel when you swim, you might be inclined to grab a bath towel from your hotel room before you head down to the pool. This is a mistake that many beginners make. Hotel pools will have a large selection of towels around the pool deck, and these are what you want to use after you swim. Hotels will often ask guests to keep their guest room towels in their guest room. It's easy to take your towel to the pool, forget about it, and then ask housekeeping to bring you a new one. When you're done drying yourself off with the pool towel, place it in the laundry bin on the pool deck.

Take A Shower First

Every hotel guest who enjoys swimming in the hotel pool wants it to be a clean environment, and you can play a role in this endeavor. You should typically take a shower before going in the pool. Some larger hotels have changing areas with showers adjacent to the pool deck, so feel free to use a shower in this location. If such an area isn't present in your hotel, be courteous by showering in your guest room before you go down to the pool. This is especially true if you're wearing lots of hair product, sunscreen, or are particularly grimy after a day of travel.

Your Room Key Can Get Wet

While you'll want to leave your cell phone, car keys, and other similar items in your room before descending to the pool, you'll obviously need your room key card. Instead of leaving it on the pool deck where it can get kicked into the water or covered with someone's towel, there's no harm in keeping the card in a zippered pocket of your bathing suit. The car isn't sensitive to water, which means that keeping it on your person is the best way to avoid losing it and having to go to the front desk for a replacement.

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