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Consider Sending Your Four-Legged Friend On A Long Weekend Grooming Getaway

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While you might take your dog to a pet groomer in your community, drop the animal off, and then pick it up a little while later after you've run some errands, this isn't the only way to get your pet's hair cut. Alternatively, you may wish to consider finding a "pet hotel" company that offers grooming, boarding, and a host of other services for pets. The next time your pet needs a haircut, you might wish to consider dropping it off at such a location for a weekend getaway — and you might take a similar approach with your family. Here are some amenities that your pet can enjoy at a pet hotel.

Comprehensive Grooming

Pet hotels offer a wide range of grooming-related services that can give your pet a total makeover — similar to how you might enjoy visiting a spa for a makeover. The knowledgeable and experienced staff can cut your dog's hair in the manner that suits you, whether it's a simple trim to shorten the animal's coat as the weather starts to get warmer or a stylish cut in advance of enrolling your dog in an animal show. Your pet can also enjoy services such as being bathed and having its hair washed, getting its nails cut, and even having plaque removed from its teeth.

Regular Exercise

Dog hotels aren't just about providing grooming services for pets that are staying over. The pets also get a chance to enjoy regular exercise with experienced animal handlers. You can evaluate the different facilities before you select a dog hotel, but you'll find some hotels have large, fenced-in areas that allow the animals to roam freely and interact with other "guests," much like visiting a large dog park. In other hotels, staff members will put leashes on the animals and take them for daily walks.

Specific Diet And Medication

You don't have to worry about checking your pet into a dog hotel if it has specific dietary and medication requirements. Although these businesses can feed their pets generic food, you can also leave any food that your pet eats when you drop the pet off. For example, you may feel your animal low-calorie food to help it keep its weight under control. The hotel's staff will ensure that this is what your pet eats during its stay. Similarly, if your pet takes any medication, you can provide the medication and some instructions on how and when to administer it, and be confident that an employee will take care of this duty.

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